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Active Wear Inspired by Yoga and a desire to Btru2u in life and love

Meet Veronika Kat and Isabel the Btru2u active wear mother and daughter collaboration that came about from their mutual love of athleticism and their loving dedication to their yoga practice.

Kat is a graduate of Auburn University at Montgomery and studied Interior Design at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. Through the years Veronika Kat had dabbled in yoga but it wasn’t until she suffered a back strain in the gym that she looked toward yoga as a natural way to heal. As her back started to improve she started to take full-on five to six day a week regular yoga practice. An avid yoga enthusiast was born! Being an Interior Designer and having a passion for fashion Veronika Kat started to look for new yoga clothes that would fit her style. “I didn’t want to wear black or spend $100 on black yoga leggings that didn’t fit my body properly.” “When I would find something interesting it wouldn’t suit my body, there wouldn’t be much of a selection in prints, the fabrics didn’t feel right and much of the clothes were expensive and poorly made.” If your going to invest the time and money into your practice than you should be wearing something that makes you happy and look great while your doing it. Why aren’t there better clothes with more sophisticated prints that you can wear as an outfit?” Through this thought process an idea was born!

Veronika Kat shared this idea with Isabel, her mother who was also a yoga and exercise enthusiast and just so happened to have a background in sewing and pattern making during her formative years in her native country of Spain. Than came a pivotal moment when Veronika Kat lost her job. “I was so tired of working around people who where not into the things I was into and having no job security in the current economy was really getting to me. I wanted to do something I really loved! I took a deep breath and Btru2u was born! My mom and I went down to the fabric store and started designing and stitching our own shorts and leggings right in our living room.”

“We meticulously hand select every fabric that is used in our designs. We love fun, luxurious, sophisticated, and colorful prints! When selecting the fabrics used for our designs allot of thought goes into the functionality of the piece as well as the versatility of each piece. I will wear a Btru2u piece with a top and heels all day long and get compliments on my outfit than slip off my top and heels and go straight into a hot yoga class.”

The pieces are made from the finest lycra that melts onto your body like a second skin. They are light, don’t hold sweat and dry incredibly fast. Btru2u produces a limited amount of pieces from each print so that each piece is unique and you don’t have the problem that you will run into someone else wearing the same outfit. Btru2u is made solely in sunny South Florida

We hope you will live, work and follow your passions in our designs.

Btru2u in life and love! Xoxo

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